J.J. Murphy, A Service-Minded City Manager – A Dedicated City Leader and Manager

J.J. Murphy, a service-minded city manager, is a natural leader with the proven ability to lead cities to long lasting success. He is currently the City Manager for Hobbs, New Mexico and has been in the position since August of 2012. During his time as the City Manager for the community, he has helped make Hobbs, New Mexico the seventh fastest growing micro city in the United States of America.

A community is considered a micro city in the United States if the city itself has a population no greater than 50,000 residents. Hobbs, New Mexico has a population amounting to approximately 40,000 people over an area of about 20 square miles. The city itself sits in the heart of Lea County, which is a county that has a population of about 65,000 people total. The county is known for its diverse energy economy, which includes nuclear, oil, solar, and gas energy sources.

J.J. Murphy is dedicated to his position as the leader of Hobbs, New Mexico and he is put the community on the path toward success. He is a recognized facilitator and leader with a record of success in maintaining high levels of operational improvements. He has the reputation for enhancing productivity through a combination of business understanding and intuitive management capabilities. He exercises fiscal discipline in times of economic boom and surplus in order to continue the community’s overall growth and prosperity for the foreseeable future.

J.J. Murphy is known for his expert leadership abilities, business understanding, and his ability to work hard for the people that count on him the most. His years spent in the United States Air Force Reserves not only honed his leadership skills, but they also made him more aware of what people need from their managers or people in high ranking positions. His goal is to bring that newfound understanding to his current career in local government.

As the city leader for Hobbs, New Mexico, J.J. Murphy City Manager has developed new policies, invoked fiscal discipline amongst the government staff, and pushed important projects forward in order to bring the city up to its full potential. He has developed new avenues to improve partnerships for public safety initiatives, including an increase police force by over 40 percent, which has resulted in a 20 percent decrease in crime, he crafted new hiring incentives that reward longer employment commitments for recruits, and he also created unparalleled partnerships with county drug task force in order to boost numbers on the drug task force as a whole.